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  • we create worlds

    vriction is a digital design studio for architecture, interior design, furniture design and app development.
  • Virtual Construction

    we create worlds
    Our seamless 3D workflow integrates Full CGI, BIM, AR and VR to deliver outstanding results. Through virtual construction we deliver professionell digital content for planing, constructing and marketing in realtime, with a clear focus on spatial quality and feasibility.
    • The Fritz

      Office Space

      The Fritzs is a collaboration with the well known danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen, where we were asked to transform the impressive legacy of the brand into a contemporary conferencing space.

      The project was designed in 3D and completely embedded in our virtual construction workflow.
    • The Barcelona Pavillon

      The Barcelona Pavillon

      For the naval interior expo in Barcelona, we created a lush & luxorious stand to showcase services and products of our strategic partners in ship building and furniture.

    • Kloeber Concept Spaces

      Virtual Architecture

      We created several digital branded spaces for the new Kloeber Wooom Chair.

      The 2D & 3D content is used on digital and analogus marketing channels.
    • WOOOM AR Show

      AR Advertising

      The all new Kloeber Wooom Collection is rich in variety and details.

      To help understand the product, we created a classic postcard set that also showcases the product in a playful 3D way when used in combination with our mobile app. 

    • Contact Software

      Key Visuals

      Its all about the vision.

      We created several key visuals to comunicate spirit and ingenuity of Contact Software. The complex production combined real studio foto content, matte paintings and high end 3D visual techniques.

    • Pax Cabin Concept

      Concept Design

      For the naval interior expo in Miami, we designed a modern pax cabin concept.

      The core product is a mulitfunctional bed/daybed/lounge chair that creates a whole new cabin experience.
    • Home United Workout Space

      Co Working & Co Living

      It's all about "new work".

      For the Hamburg based project developer Home United, we developed Hamburger Ding. By far the most innovative co-working space in Europe.

      The object redefines the topics of working, networking, sports and events. You will experience more than 6,000 square meters like never before.

      For further information about the project, we ask for personal feedback.
    • Walter Knoll Business Apartment

      Brand Spaces

      Welcome to the worlds first c-level business apartment.

      We developed a concept for a neutral ground to prepare, negociate and celebrate.

      The project was designed in 3D and completely embedded in our virtual construction workflow.
    • The New Barn

      Digital Location Design

      For a car brand related project, we designed a full CGI setup. To present the product in a holistic brand world, we have created the architecture, the interior design and a realistic 3D landscape.

      Through virtual construction we were able to create image, video, AR and VR material.
    • Hamburg Towers Zone

      sport & fitness spaces

      The Hamburg Towers approached us to develop a fitness space to extend their existing locations, scale services and brand. The result is amazing. Europes first branded fitness space run by a pro basketball franchise.

      The project was fully planned in 3D.
    • Adrenalin Lounge

      creative spaces

      An unconventional solution for a new world of work.

      Nothing is the same in the adrenaline lounge as it used to be. In this high energetic environment, conventional processes are called into question.

      A disruptive meeting & workspace with the radiance to reinvent yourself.
    • Whisky Lounge Hamburg

      Whisky Lounge Hamburg

      A meeting space between Charles Dickens and Don Draper. In cooparation with POLTRONA FRAU we created a space to perform, connect and fratanise. The whisky lounge invites for a nonchalant evening with a glass of good whisky and a cuban cigar.

      The project was fully planned in 3D. The image shows the 3D design concept, and the final space..
  • Apps

    we embrace the digital
    Our holistic approach integrates digital solutions on the level of spatial experience, communication and product design.
    • Co Working App

      co working app

      Modern work related environments are all about communication.

      We created and developed an user friendly mobile coworking app, that merges WORK & SPACE into a vibrant community.

      The cloud based solution includes a social media feed, push notification, booking system, spatial orientation system, event RSVP, a dynamic location related content system and a secure admin area.
    • Am Puls der Stadt

      ar signage

      How does the construction site signpost of the future work?

      Our mobile ar app projects the digital 3d building in real scale on the real construction site and gives prospective customers and residents an impressive insight into the real estate project.
    • Catalog

      fashion app

      The exclusive haute couture collection by Ella Deck in Hamburg has its own digital wardrobe.

      Our dynamic deformation algorithm makes the industry standard holoman pictures intelligent. Thanks to our CATALOG technology, garments can be combined as desired in real time.

      The Silicon Valley based accelerator Plug & Play voted the software among the world's top 30 most innovative ideas in 2017.
    • Virtual Cabin Mockup

      Virtual Cabin Mockup

      The cruise ar app is a hands on showcase to stakeholders in the ship interior industry.

      The virtual cabin mockup displays how distributed design teams can enhance their workflows and speed up the complex process of spacial design decisions.

      In cooperation with our naval partner B2B Universal the ar experience will be presented to all visitors of the Ship Interior Expo in Hamburg, Barcelona and Miami (19/20).
    • Seat Arona Slot Racer

      ar game

      We where asked to bring more entertainment and technology into the marketing activities of one of the biggest SEAT distributors in southern Germany.

      In memory to the good old slot racer, we created a digital bavarian landscape and put the little suv on track.
  • Design Studio

    we love to shape the intangible
    Our design is driven by the idea of creating a positive impact on people, products and business cases.
    • TBA


      We are proud to be a part of the CAPPELLINI family. More to be announced soon.
    • The Gong Terrazzoremix

      The Gong Terrazzo Remix

      For the Cappellini Lounge in Hamburg we designed a remix edition of the eternally beautiful Gong Terrazzo Table.

      In a limited special edition, our version of the timeless lounge table by Giulio Cappellini is exhibited in 3 different color patterns.
    • Next Level Hospitality

      Next Level Hospitality

      We provide solutions for property developer, work environments and hospitality & leisure industries.

      Our focus lies on spacial innovation and furniture design. We love to provide more information on demand.
    • The Parametric Wire

      The Parametric Wire

      In cooperation with Herman Miller we coded a brand space module.

      A simple but yet effective construction unfolding a beautiful space to store folded tables and withdraw from disrupting attention when not needed.

      The layer of pure tension and compression echoes to us the very core of Hermann Miller.

      The installation was completly programmed and simulated using complex algorythms and constructed based on the detailed generated construction data.
  • Refurbished Barn
  • Refurbished Barn
  • Refurbished Barn
  • Refurbished Barn
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • Wooom
  • E Sport
  • E Sport
  • E Sport
  • Poltrona Frau
  • Poltrona Frau
  • Poltrona Frau
  • Strandhaus
  • Strandhaus
  • Strandhaus
  • Strandhaus

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